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About Hannah


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Hello beautiful people,


My name is Hannah and I am the owner of ParadisEarth Therapies.

I am a born and bred Aussie from the Island at the bottom, Tasmania.

I have recently moved to Upstate New York to be with my soulmate/Husband and start our new journey together.

Working around the world I have gained 12 years experience as a therapist, in Australia, England, in an award winning spa in New Zealand and starting my own healing studio in Trevallyn, Tasmania in 2020.


I truly believe that we can heal ourselves from pain, disease, illness and any other ailment through working with our mind, body and soul, I believe that if you make the decision you want to change anything is possible. I believe this because I know it to be true with my own life's journey.


I graduated from Beauty Plus College of Beauty Therapy in 2010.  When I started my first position as a spa therapist I found a passion for massage that then led me to Reiki energy healing.  Also holding a level 1 & 2 certificate in Kahuna massage, chakra healing and I have spent many hours learning with a healer in NZ who was a great guide for me. More recently I have been studying psychic mediumship to hone in on my intuitive abilities and have also completed my Masters in Holistic Counselling and meditation therapy, through the Australian School of Holistic Counselling. I love guiding, healing and supporting people and I truly know it is my purpose and my life's mission to bring more light and happiness in this world and help guide those in need of healing.


My other passion is to TRAVEL and so far I have been lucky enough to have  experiences in 29 countries. Including volunteering in an orphanage in Ghana Africa and working at a summer camp as a camp counsellor in Virginia, USA. My husband and I spent 6 months travelling in our van up the east coast of Australia and we just returned from a 3 month trip travelling around the states. My time travelling has gained me a world full of knowledge, many life experiences and more importantly a passion to live a simpler, wholistic back to nature lifestyle full of adventure. 

 I named my business ParadisEarth for my mother in spirit, it  means to find your true paradise in this present moment. Whatever your paradise may be. We are all seeking for something more, something that makes us feel whole, connected and something that makes our heart sing. Through energy healing, counselling and bodywork I would love to help you find that place of peace.

I believe everything happens with divine purpose, but I also believe we can take control of our own healing and our own happiness and I would love to support you on your journey.

Peace and light,


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an ideal or idyllic place or state.



the planet on which we live; the world.

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