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Holistic Counselling / wellness Coaching

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One of the most common questions people ask in relation to Holistic Counselling is in regard to how it differs from Conventional Counselling. 

The most direct answer to this question is that Holistic Counselling is very similar to Life Coaching in that it seeks to inspire clients to become more empowered in making assessments, identifying desired outcomes and developing life skills that enable them to achieve those desired outcomes for themselves. Rather than having a counsellor tell them what is ‘wrong’ with them and telling them what they should do to ‘fix’ their problems.

Holistic Counselling is based in Humanistic Psychology and the Holistic Counsellor forms a supportive partnership with the client to guide and encourage the client in developing the skills they require to manage their lives in ways that are more fulfilling for the client . 

The Holistic Counsellor does not analyse or make any judgments about the client. Nor do they give the client advice. 

The Holistic Counsellor provides a safe environment where the client can speak freely as an equal with the Holistic Counsellor, where the focus is on the client’s desired outcomes and on the Holistic Counsellor providing the tools that will assist the client to make the changes they require in their own lives. 

At times, the root cause of the clients’ difficulties may be very apparent to the Holistic Counsellor, while the client seems to be oblivious to those old belief systems or unconscious patterns. It is not the Holistic Counsellors role to point out the client’s “problem”. It is the Holistic Counsellors role to gently lead the client, through the use of Holistic Counselling tools and poignant questions, to a place where they can identify the root cause of their own issues. Only then, when we clearly see our own limiting old belief systems and our own unhelpful unconscious patterns, can we each truly make changes in our thinking that impact on the way we manage our lives in a profoundly positive way.

Therefore, Holistic Counselling is not about analysing, assessing, fixing or exposing anything within the client. It is about listening to what the client wants to change about themselves or their lives and having the skill to provide the appropriate tools to help them choose and make those changes. 

In Holistic Counselling, there are no labels and each person is valued as perfect just as they are. There is no need to categorize people or expect them to be anything other than their individual selves. The goal is to assist people to work through and disregard the layers and filters they have gathered throughout their lives, so far, as a result of their individual experiences, that are not supporting them in a positive manner. These Filters (unconscious belief systems) limit their ability (or block them) from living authentically; making choices, using behaviours and developing habits that enrich, inspire and empower them.

Most people know what they want to achieve and feel drawn toward living authentically yet they have been taught to focus on the past, be victims and feel un-empowered. The Holistic Counsellor is the guide that leads his/her clients toward the destination the client seeks for themselves.

Due to legalities to practicing in America and having my Masters degree in Australia, I can still practice but I cannot call myself a counsellor here. So for legal purposes I am a Holistic Wellness Coach in the United states but still offer the same service within my qualifications and use the two labels interchangably.

Prices for Coaching/ Counselling

Looking for some Holistic Guidance for your body, mind & soul?  we are here support you and help guide you on your healing journey & empower you to take back control of your life.
Working with Grief and loss, trauma, general mental wellbeing, spiritual  and physical goals, inner child healing & helping you gain clarity on your life's purpose here on earth. ParadisEarth Therapies was created to help bring light and faith to those who are having a mountain in their journey that they need some guidance to help climb. Believe us you can climb it! We have been there and have the knowledge, experience, tools and love to help you on your way too!


Holistic Counselling Prices

Holistic Counselling session

1 hour $125

Holistic Counselling 5 session package $500 upfront

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This is an investment in you, not us.

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