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A Healing practice

If you knew that there was something that could help you heal deeply. Something that could change your life in so many ways, beyond what you could imagine, would you be willing to go for it? To be open to try something new?
What if you found out that this thing is free and that you can do it whenever and wherever you would like to do it and all you need is 10-30 minutes a day?
This magical Healing tool is meditation! Meditation has changed my life and it can most definitely change yours!

Meditation came into my life permanently about 6 months into the grieving process after I lost my mum. I had meditated many times before but had never stuck to it, as I never quite knew what I was supposed to be doing and thinking I was doing it wrong each time as I couldn’t ever clear my mind of incessant thoughts. But this time it was different, I was in need of some deep healing, something to ease my mind of the constant replays of mum’s death and I needed an escape from the reality I was facing without her.

I started by following an app with guided meditation but I struggled to visualise the journey they were taking me on but I still pushed through as much as I could. It wasn’t until I moved to a small coastal town in New Zealand that I found a lady’s number on the wall in the local supermarket for a weekly meditation group that I knew I had to attend. By attending her group, It opened me up to a whole new world of spiritual healing. I started practicing daily and noticed the benefits immediately, gaining more confidence, easing my anxiety and depression, easing the constant mind chatter, it gave me so much more awareness of my thoughts, who I am and helping me understand the grieving process and that I could still have a connection with my mum. This I know now was the big driver for me to keep going.
I soon enrolled in a certificate in Meditation Therapy and it blew my mind! There was so much more to meditation I had no idea about and so, so many benefits I could not wait to share with those around me. I didn’t want to stop learning so I enrolled into a diploma of Holistic counselling, then onto my Masters, something I had always wanted to do but never thought I would until my mum passed. When learning in school about the detriment of stress on our mind and bodies it broke my heart again, everything I had learnt was what my mum had gone through. She was extremely stressed the years leading up to her death, always giving, never had enough time to take care of herself. With everything I have learnt I truly believed that is either a huge contributor, possibly even the soul factor in why she passed.
Knowing this I have made this my mission in life, that if I can teach others how important it is to look after your mental and physical wellbeing and the effects stress can have you and how to help others heal body, mind & soul by meditation and other holistic means.

Meditation is not only beneficial for your mind, it has also so many physical benefits, the main one being it can get you out of fight or flight which we are all in way too often. Did you know the body cannot heal and function properly if we are in a stress response and most of the population are under chronic stress? Meditation also has spiritual benefits, it can help you connect to your soul self and give you access to higher consciousness. For me, meditation has enabled me to live a more authentic life, helped me see more clearly and realise what is most important in life, it helped me find my way back to me again and find out who I truly am and gave me permission to express my true self.

Last year I did a few day workshops on meditation for beginners that were a hit and have had people asking if I would do them again. I am super excited to share with you all a 6-day online course I have made for Meditating for Beginners!
It will all be self-paced and have loads of information on how and why to meditate, the stress response, benefits, and daily meditation videos on how to practice each meditation correctly.

As I said meditation has completely changed my life, it has been my most precious healing tool and if I skip a day now, I really notice how it affects me mentally without doing it. Meditation is not the be all to end all but if you could help your life by doing one small thing each day this is it! And you will reap big rewards!
If you are wishing to make change in your life or have been interested in meditation but don’t know where to start, I welcome you to my course. It will be released in June so keep your eyes peeled.

Light and peace,