The Blog of many blogs.....

I have started to officially write a blog! I feel that I have been doing this my entire life, keeping a diary and journals, and forever having a million notebooks constantly laying around with different writings and drawings. So, I guess now it’s time to consolidate and to share some of that with you all.

In my 32 years I have learnt a lot on my journey good and bad. I have been through a lot! I wish to use this blog as a tool of not only self-expression, but as a way for others to connect and find some light from these words and hopefully use what I have learnt to help you on your journey.

My path has led me in this life into the world of healing. Healing myself and others. It is forever evolving; nothing ever stays the same nor does the same thing or way work every time. If there is one thing that is the same during life it is change, and I love change! Change brings in new energies sometimes good, sometimes bad but with it is a chance to grow. It has been a huge process to me starting a business, letting myself be vulnerable and showing who I am to the world. In the end I have had to put aside my fear, as helping those in need is more important to me.

One of the most important things I have learnt is that you will never know everything, but you can never learn enough! Learning is expanding its growing, its what we as humans are meant to do, yet the world we live in today tries to stunt our growth making us lazy and complacent. We have more access to everything that we have ever had before. Yet it is not being used wisely and for the benefit of self-compassion and love. Instead, it is used for competition which leaves us feeling a lack of self-worth and our needs not being met, causing mental wellness issues. This is why I am here to fill your day with positive knowledge on how to tackle life.

One of my favourite quotes is “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I have pestered my family and friends to meditate, change their diets, do mindful practices and no body wants to hear it. Everyone is on their own journey and the best way I can help anyone around me is by leading by example and b

eing here for when they change their minds. I am here waiting patiently for anyone that is ready to make change.