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Welcome to a healing haven where we hold space to nourish your body, mind and soul...
located in Rochester, New York.
Reiki Treatment

Energy Healing

Using a form of energy healing from universal source, reiki assists the bodies natural healing process, helps reduce stress and anxiety. It encourages emotional release and balances the bodies energy system the chakras.

Online appointments available.

30 mins $60

60 mins  $90

Image by Sarah Brown

Intuitive Bodywork

An intuitively guided healing session, using a combination of hands on techniques, energy work, sound and crystals to bring balance to your mind body and spirit. Tailored to each individual.

60 mins $90

90 mins $130

2 hours $155

Image by Vero Photoart

Holistic Counselling / wellness coaching

Feeling like you need somebody to talk to and help guide you on your journey in this life? or need help understanding yourself, your emotions or how to deal with a certain situation? We are here to hold space for you and help you find that spark of why you are here in the first place.

1 Hour $125

email for booking -

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